The Readiness Support Center (RSC) provides the contingency responder training, tools, and programs designed to credential and field a professional workforce, whether it be Emergency Management or civil or military contingency. Programs administered by the RSC strengthen and ensure USACE’s capability to respond to civil and military contingencies. This focused approach is accomplished through three programs: TEAMS, DTOS, and ENGLink.

The TEAMS acronym consists of Training, Exercise, Accreditation, Modeling and Simulation. To this end, the RSC oversees the establishment and implementation of a curriculum and a suite of tools to support contingency responders.

The RSC administers the contingency responder curriculum through self-paced training via the web, as well as through 'live' in-residence training. Coordinating with the districts and divisions within USACE, and aligned with the G3 Annual Training Guidance Calendar, a robust exercise schedule is maintained to align goals and objectives with scenario based simulated environments to facilitate readiness in an interesting and engaging way.

The RSC TEAMS program administers the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP www.emap.org ) within USACE. The EMAP program is USACE's QMS process for Emergency Management. Management for the program consists of contract oversight with specific tasks for each division to train accreditation managers and assessors, providing oversight of the program within the enterprise, and to assist in coordinating assessments for site reaching compliance.

Modeling for ESF #3 mission estimates is managed by the TEAMS program, as well as modeling for all hazard events for exercises. Hurricane mission estimates are posted on a regular occurring basis when a storm is of Category 1 strength and is within 72 hours of landfall. The SimSuite program provides a mission scoping, mission tracking geospatial portal with analytical capabilities to assess, query, and create common operating pictures for daily activity and disaster events. The program consists of over 50 EM viewers fully customizable for district and division Areas of Operation.

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