CREST, EnvST, LST (CEL) Training FY22, 7-16 JUN 2022

CEL Training will take place in Vicksburg, MS. Please check the REDi website for more information including registration.

Location: ERDC, Vicksburg, MS
Begin Date: Tuesday, 7 JUN 2022
End Date: Thursday, 16 JUN 2022

For questions, please contact the MIL/FFE Training & Exercise Manager at


The goal of CEL training is to provide educational awareness, training, and exercises to military and civil support teams in the area of Real Estate, Environmental, and Logistics, enabling them to augment the supported force engineer staff or supporting engineer headquarters. This annual training has been combined with the June FEST training. The CREST, EnvST, Logistics and FEST teams will work together in classroom and field exercises in order to develop deliverables based on a given OPORD scenario and utilizing the info and skills gained throughout the course.

Contingency Real Estate Support Team

Provides real estate support to American forces during overseas contingency operations leading to war, during war-time operations and operations other than war. Acquires real estate (by lease or land use agreement), documents real estate condition prior to use and disposes of real estate after operations. Provides temporary office space, lodging, warehouse, staging areas and other support facilities for USACE operations as required.


CREST provides technical expertise to deployed FFE teams or military units in the following ways:
• Provides guidance and advice to theater commander on real estate matters
• Participates in site selection
• Researches and determines land and facility ownership
• Determines and documents lease consideration
• Determines property description, mapping
• Prepares host nation use agreements or private property lease forms
• Negotiates lease terms with owner/agent
• Inspects property and documents inventory and condition
• Ensures funding availability from using unit or command
• Manages leases and periodic payments
• Terminates leases with or without restoration
• Returns property to the host nation or private owner
• Disposes real estate interests when no longer required
• Processes real estate claims in conjunction with Foreign Claims officials

Environmental Support Team

Provides environmental support to FFE and the combatant command and its components during war, contingency operations, disaster relief operations and operations other than war in the area of responsibility.

• Environmental baseline surveys - As units establish new bases or close bases, it is critical to perform the EBS to not only identify hazards to soldiers, but to document existing conditions for liability purposes.
• Solid Waste Management - Assists in site selection, design and construction oversight of landfills or burn pits
• Hazardous Waste Management - Assists with site selection, design, construction of hazardous waste cells and storage areas. Assists with management of the collection of the wastes from the units and management of the hazardous waste disposal contracts. These contracts are usually awarded theatre-wide, but EnvST members can assist theatre environmental personnel in defining the scope/volume for task orders, prepare the waste for shipment and assist the contractor in the pick up process.
• Wastewater Management - Assists with design of sewer systems to include location, placement and lift stations, tie into local sewer systems and assists with design of sewage lagoons, septic systems, and leach fields.
• Environmental Compliance - Performs compliance inspections on hazardous material storage areas, hazardous waste management procedures, spill control plans, and fuel handling.

Logistics Support Team

Provides logistics support for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Field Force Engineering (FFE) to include reception of deploying Corps personnel, arrangement for transportation and lodging, and provision of or arrangement for logistics support for USACE operations.

The team consists of a team leader, logistics specialist, logistics technicians and an administrative assistant. Together they will perform the following:
• Reception and mission support
• Acquires lodging (e.g., leasing rooms, arranging for living quarters in base camps)
• Arranges transportation from reception point to duty station
• Leases vehicles in support of the mission
• Arranges for other forms of transportation for mission support (e.g., military road vehicles and helicopters)
• Provides equipment and supplies for USACE operations

Event Date: 
Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 08:00 to Thursday, June 16, 2022 - 17:00