Course Codes and CEUs

Below are the in-residence and online courses offered through the US Army Corps of Engineers Readiness Support Center (RSC). Course codes are for in-house purposes and are not affiliated with ATRRS, but may be used at the attendee's discretion should a course code be required for obtaining training approval or Orders. CEUs are also provided for each course and may be revised as course class hours change.

In-Residence Courses
Code Course CEUs
ARK201 Automated Route Reconnaissance Kit (ARRK) Level 1-A-Operator 0.8
ARK202 Automated Route Reconnaissance Kit (ARRK) Level 1-B-Data Processor 1.6
ARK301 Automated Route Reconnaissance Kit-Level II 0.8
ATP201 Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) 0.8
BCD201 Base Camp Master Planning (BCMP) with PEs 2.4
BRG201 Bridge Reconnaissance Basic Course 1.6
CEL Contingency Real Estate Support Team (CREST), Environmental Support Team (ENVst), and Logistical Support Team (LST)  3.1
CEM201 Contingency Engineers Management Course - In-Residence (CEMC) (No courses scheduled at this time) 2.8
CTC201 Contingency Contracting 0.2
FST201 Forward Engineer Support Team Training - Contingency Construction Track 1 7.2
FST 202 Forward Engineer Support Team Training - Reconnaissance Track 2 7.2
IRS201 Infrastructure Reconnaissance Information System (IRIS) Level I 0.4
IRS301 Infrastructure Reconnaissance Information System (IRIS) Level II 0.2
JCM201 Joint Construction Management System (JCMS) 1.6
LGL201 Local Government Liaison  
RED101 REDi (Reachback Engineering Data Integration) 0.2
TCE201 Tele Communications Equipment-Deployable (TCED) Level I with PE 0.2
TCE301 Tele Communications Equipment-Deployable-(TCED) Level II 0.3
Online Courses
Code Course CEUs
CEM101 Contingency Engineers Management Course - Online (CEMC) 0.8
CIV101 Civil Level One Online Course 0.1
CIV201 Civil Level Two - Blue Roof QA Assessment 0
CIV202 Civil Level Two - Cold Weather Task Force   0
CIV204 Civil Level Two - Debris  0.2
CIV205 Civil Level Two - Emergency Power  0.2
CIV206 Civil Level Two - Infrastructure Assessment  0.3
CIV209 Civil Level Two - Resource Management 0.1
CIV210 Civil Level Two - Structural Collapse Awareness 0.25
CIV211 Civil Level Two - Temporary Housing 0.5
CIV212 Civil Level Two - Temporary Roofing 0.1
CIV212 Civil Level Two - Urban Search and Rescue Confined Space Awareness 0
CIV213 Civil Level Two - Urban Search and Rescue Total Station 0
CIV214 Civil Level Two - Urban Search and Rescue Water Rescue Awareness 0
CIV215 Civil Level Two - Logistics 0.1
CIV216 Civil Level Two - SCT01c: Structural Engineering Systems 0.25
CPD101 Capacity Development Level 1 0.1
CPD201 Capacity Development Level 2-A 0.1
CPD202 Capacity Development Level 2-B 0.1
FFE101 FFE Online Introductory Course 0.5
NAV101 Naval Facilities Enginering Command (NAVFAC) 0.7
ATL101 ATL Online (All Modules completed) 0.25
NDRF101 National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) 0.1
EMAP101 Emergency Management Accreditation program (EMAP) 0.1
PL8499 Public Law 84-99 0.25
RFO101 South Atlantic Division (SAD) Recovery Field Office (RFO) Course 0.1
RFO201 Recovery Field Office (RFO) for Senior Leaders 0.1