Civil Level Two

Civil Level Two covers task-specific training by blending terms, definitions, processes, and procedures with authentic task training environments, in-residence training, workshops, and exercises. Level Two is designated for Mission Planning and Response Teams, and other District Support and Functional Support Team elements. Stafford Act Missions issued through FEMA are supported by ESF #3 through these expeditionary response and recovery teams.

USACE Level Two course completion certificates are automatically tracked by RSC personnel and do not need to be emailed or faxed. Please wait at least 48 hours for your PDS to be updated after you have successfully completed a USACE Level One or Level Two course.

Note: You are only required to take the Level Two course that corresponds with your PRT or mission, unless otherwise directed by a supervisor. You DO NOT have to take every Level Two course available in order to earn Level Two certification.

The following current Level Two Distance Learning Courses are available: