The RSC provides exercise support in many ways. From full scale exercises to functional exercises to Table Top Exercises (TTX), the RSC can provide support and guidance for a well designed, well-executed exercise from inception to implementation. The TTX Support Tool, for example, is used to facilitate Table Top Exercises in dozens of districts and divisions throughout the Corps. The TTX Support Tool is a scalable, multimedia exercise support tool that may be used to facilitate robust problem solving and decision making through the arrangement of high fidelity learning environments. The Tool incorporates audio, video, animation, and text to create interesting and engaging backdrop scenarios to validate plans, processes, and procedures. The visual/audio guide presents relevant information to create a common operating picture, then proceeds to a timeline driven event that focuses on a decision making during a simulated disaster.

The RSC has developed the following TTXs, which can be provided upon written request.

Dam Failures/Floods
We have developed the following table top exercises that address dam failures and/or floods for the Allatoona Dam, Arkabutla Dam, Hoover Dike, Gurnee Flood, the 2008 Upper Midwest Interagency Flood Mitigation Workshop, and the Mobile District West Point Dam Safety Exercise.

Earthquake exercises have been created for potential earthquakes that may occur along the Hayward fault, New Madrid fault, and San Andreas fault.  In addition, earthquake exercises have been developed for Alaska, Mexico City, and Turkey.

Exercises for hurricanes that strike Brunswick, Georgia, New Orleans, LA., Miami, FL., New York, NY., Washington, D.C., Charleston, SC, and the Louisianna/Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The South Atlantic Division exercise features two separate hurricanes which strike Galveston, Texas & Miami, Florida within the same week.

An avian flu pandemic table top exercise that originates in Seattle has been developed.

Various terrorist attack scenarios have been developed to include the Albania CMEP TTX, which is comprised of a terrorist attack and a flood, the FEMA IND exercise, which involves a nuclear incident, the NAU TTX, which addresses political unrest and Nigerian riots, and the Truman/Bagnell Dam TTX, which is comprised of a terrorist attack at the dam.

Please visit the Contacts page to inquire about what exercise services and solutions the RSC can provide your organization.