1. COURSE PREREQUISITE: Completion of the FFE Online Introductory Training is required once prior to attending any FEST Training. Please be advised that this requirement has been temporarily waived due to an Adoble Flash player issue

2. COURSE ATTENDANCE PRIORITY is USACE, USAR FEST teams and teams scheduled to deploy within the year. If you are on Other Teams, (i.e. EN DET, EFD, or are in another Military Organization other than USACE or USAR and are not deploying) please contact 251-591-7432 to discuss your training request.

3. ALL USACE employees must have their Mil Planner’s approval prior to registering.

4. Please note that week one is scheduled from Tues through COB Saturday. Week two begins following Monday and ends COB Thursday.

(i.e. Mr, Mrs, Col, LTC)
Name of Mil Planner
After selecting SUBMIT below, you will be redirected to the REDi FFE Portal where you MUST register your CAC now for training. If you HAVE NOT registered your CAC with REDi before you will be taken to a black registration page to complete a short registration. If you HAVE registered in the past, then you will see the FEST portal with nothing to complete.