PL 84-99 Online Course

Public Law 84-99, or the Flood Control and Coastal Emergency Act, is USACE’s basic authority to provide for emergency activities in support of State and Local governments prior to, during, and after a flood event. 

Under P.L. 84-99, USACE can provide both emergency technical and direct assistance in response to flood and coastal storms such as hurricanes and nor’easters.  In addition, USACE can assist if there is deemed a flood threat from damage caused by earthquakes to flood reduction projects. The assistance must be requested by the State and must be supplemental to State and Local actions including resources and capabilities, and National Guard assets

This self-paced course includes four modules: PL 84-99 Introduction and Overview, PL 84-99 Emergency Operations Overview, PL 84-99 EOC Operations Overview, and PL 84-99 Emergency Water. It is a pre-requisite for USACE students before attending an in-residence PL 84-99 course.

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