Safety and Occupational Health Training for Emergency Operations

The Safety and Occupational Health Subject Matter Experts prepared a series of comprehensive training videos to provide all planning and response team members an overview of safety considerations during deployment.

Please use the links below to watch these videos. The entire set of videos will play automatically if you select the Playlist option below. Otherwise, you may select an individual link to watch a single video. Once you have watched the entire playlist, please select the assessment link below to take a brief assessment and print your certificate.

Safety and Occupational Health Planning and Response Team Training - Entire Playlist

Safety Level 2 Assessment

Individual Videos:

1. Introduction
2. Lessons Learned
3. Introducing the Safety Functional PRT SMEs
4. USACE Safety Expectations and Safety Requirement Compliance
5. Safety Manual and Important Documents
6. Accident Reporting
7. USACE Contractors
8. Occupational Health: Medical Screening
9.Occupational Health: Deployment
10. Safety Considerations and Requirements during Debris Removal and Reduction
11. Lessons Learned during a Debris Removal and Reduction Mission
12. Tree Maintenance
13. Traffic Control
14. Asbestos
15. Burning Operations
16. Debris Towers
17. Explosives and Ammunition
18. General Hazards and Safety Recommendations
19. Additional General Safety Requirements
20. Safety Considerations and Requirements during Temporary Roofing
21. Safety Considerations and Requirements during Temporary Emergency Power
22. Safety Considerations and Requirements during Temporary Housing
23. Conclusion