The Readiness Support Center (RSC) is the USACE Command Training and Exercise Center that effectively combines Field Force Engineering (FFE) and Planning and Response Teams (PRT) training courses to improve effectiveness and efficiency. It also leverages these team relationships and expertise to facilitate Combatant Command specialized training for ARCENT, NAVFAC and other organizations.

The Center utilizes experienced and trained expertise to develop a framework for delivering a Training and Exercise Support Plan that considers and thoroughly treats both PRT and FFE requirements. Its mission entails the creation and establishment of a systematic approach to defining doctrinal and mission essential tasks and implementing a training and exercise program that services the USACE Annual Training and Exercise Guidance. This service is to provide a curriculum and delivery structure and mechanism to meet both civil and military deployments. Services and products include:

  • Distance Learning CD/DVDs for all hazard response both civil and military
  • Online training
  • Table Top Exercise Support Tools (TTX ST)
  • Simulated GIS-based environments
  • Exercise scenario development
  • Live facilitation and training in the RSC
  • Course delivery platform hosting
  • Curriculum development
  • Video presentation development
  • 3D animation