RFO for Senior Leaders


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The Recovery Field Office (RFO) For Senior Leaders course includes a 35-minute video created in 2012. This video is provided to help those who are in RFO leadership positions better understand who works in the RFO, the doctrinal relationships in USACE and with FEMA, and how RFOs have operated in the past. The purpose of this video is to provide an overview of the RFO, to present some best practices, and to discuss mistakes to avoid. It does not replace the experience of serving in an RFO, but provides reference points from which to ask additional questions and initiate operations. 

The main topics covered include the following:

  • FEMA Mission Assignments
  • Establishing the RFO
  • USACE Planning and Response Teams
  • Contracting
  • Automated systems and Essential Elements of Information
  • Command and support relationships
  • Internal RFO Structure
  • Best practices

The transcript of the video is available for download, as well as a "Best Practices Checklist" for future reference.