National Disaster Recovery Framework 101


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The National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) is a companion document to the National Response Framework (NRF). While the NRF deals with immediate disaster response, the NDRF is a guide to promote effective recovery, particularly for those incidents that are large-scale or catastrophic. The NDRF applies to all Presidentially declared major disasters that invoke the Stafford Act.

This six-module, self-paced course gives a brief, 101-style overview of the NDRF and details the Infrastructure Systems Recovery Support Function (RSF), the RSF of which USACE is the designated Coordinating Agency. Additional modules cover various aspects of FEMA Programs and the NDRF.

Module titles are as follows:

  • NDRF 101
  • Public Assistance Grant Programs
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Individual Assistance Programs
  • Mission Scoping Assessment (MSA) and Recovery Support Strategy (RSS)
  • RSS Implementation and Transition to Steady State

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